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Neuromuscular Clinic

Neuromuscular clinic is one of its kind in India focusing on enhancing the life of patients with neuro muscular disorders. We are a multi disciplinary team of experts who are committed to provide the best care.  

Patient Corner

Know more about your condition, treatment for it and the care required to manage it well. Schedule an appointment and benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced team and fully equipped infrastructure.



We invite you to collaborate with us on training, data collections, research, product development and production. We are keen to partner with industry experts to join us to brainstorm and innovate solutions which will improve quality of life.

Advocacy Groups

Support for people living with neuromuscular conditions. Make new friends, become a part of a fellowship, face it together, learn together, grow together and overcome togetherThe fellowship will train and prepare you to make a life which seems impossible now.

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The best management of neuromuscular condition requires a multidisciplinary approach, with the input of specialists in many different areas who provide comprehensive care. Our multi specialty clinic is the place which offers a 360 degree care approach with our expert panel who offer  latest clinical considerations to improve care and quality of life for people living with neuromuscular disorders. Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana – offers the latest tools and strategies for minimizing disability and maximizing quality of life for individuals living with Neuromuscular Disorders