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"If you want to go fast

walk alone

if you want to go far

walk together"

You don't need to fight this battle alone. There are others who are in the battle like yours. Neuromuscular CoE invites you and your caregiver/family to join the advocacy groups and gain support  for managing your medical condition, physical, emotional, mental and social state. The advocacy group provides you a platform to share your struggles and best practices. This is an great space to share information, to teach and to learn. Coming together we can create awareness about the conditions in the society.

Hands Up


Get support on managing your condition

Know about best homecare practices 

Share and teach from your experiences

Organize and participate in awareness programs


For Children

This group meeting will assist children living with neuromuscular disorders to continue education without much interruptions, identify a vocation or a career pathway for future with latest information on practices for better living.

For Young Adults

Focused group meetings will support young adults living with neuromuscular conditions to transition to adulthood with assisted living.

For Caregivers

This meeting will equip the parents and caregivers at home and in society with information, trainings and best practices.





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